1. Name? Deedee
  2. Is That Your Real Name? Yeah
  3. Gay Straight Bi? Im Straight. Do I Do/Say Gay Things?? Yes. So TF What!
  4. Age? 18
  5. Where Do U Live? Atlanta, Georgia
  6. Virgin? Yes
  7. What Are U Mixed With? Im Fucking Black! My Mommy Is Mixed With A Little Korean But Shit  Im Black
  8. Do You Edit Your Pics? No Not Really, If I Do Its  http://pixlr.com/o-matic/
  9. Do You Wear Make-up? Nope
  10. How Is Your Skin So Smooth? Idk My Whole Family Face Is Smooth
  11. How Do You Get Your Hair So Bouncy? Wash It Every Sunday With Dove Shampoo And Conditioner. Keep Conditioner In For Like 30 Mins. Wash It Out. Give Myself A Blow Out [Brush Your Hair (From The Roots) With A Wrap/Weave Brush While I Blow Dry It] Flat Iron It. Wrap It. And Repeat Every Sunday!
  12. How Do You Get The “Pics Of Me Button”? Tag All Your Pics As “#me” Type “UrUrl.tumblr.com/tagged/me” Copy The Link. And Paste It In This <a href=”LINK HERE”>TEXT</a>
  13. Do You Have A Boyfriend? No Im Forever Alone ]];
  14. How Tall Are You? 5’9
  15. What Do You Want To Be In Life? Fashion Designer And Model
  16. Whats Your Sister’s Tumblr? http://pussyinsane.tumblr.com/
  17. What Grade Are You In? 12th Seniorrrrrrrrrrrrrr[;
  18. Who Is This “Cam” Boy? My Cammie! http://gethighandforeverfly.tumblr.com/