Girlfriend : Babe , What´s Your Fav Position? ;)
Boyfriend : When I Get On One Knee and Make You My Wife.

This Guy. .

So, I Knew Him Since 9th Grade, His 10th Grade. When I First Saw Him, I Thought He Was Cute Af. We Exchanged Numbers And Started Texting. I Told Him I Liked Him Etc. Then One Day We Got Mad At Eachother And Stopped Talking For Like A Month. Then One Day He Apologized And We Moved On And Forgot About It. Then My 10th Grade Year, His 11th We Were Still Cool. We Became Close AF. We Became More Like BESTFRIENDS! But I Still Always Liked Him A Little. Summer Time Came And We Starting Chilling. We Kissed Became Closer And Everything. Now Its My 11th Grade Year, His 12th Grade And He’s About To Graduate. Like A Week Ago We Kind Of Came To An Agreement That We “Talk” Because He Was Thinking I Only Saw Him As My Friend And I Was Thinking He Only Saw Me As His Friend. He’s Going To Graduate In 3 Months While Ill Still Be Stuck In High School. He’ll Have His College Hoes, While Ill Just Be Here Sitting. Idk If We Would Ever Be Together Or Just Always Remain Close Friends. But Whatever Happens In The Future, I Just Wanna Know Him Forever. They Say A In A Good Relationship They Always Start Off As Best Friends then Progress Into Something More. He’s One Of The First Things I Think About When I Wake Up, And One Of The Last Things I Think About When I Go To Sleep. NO, I Wouldnt Say Im In Love With Him, But I Love Him ALOT! Thats My Fucking Buddy. And We Still Do Our Own Thing Because We Dont Do the Clingy Shit. Welp Guess Im Living The SAP Life. Ahaha. I Fucks With U!

-C.O.S. <3333 

Give Me Advice On This Situation Please!

So I Been Talking To This Dude For A Year.. When We First Started Talking It Was Crazy [In A Good Way]. He Called Me EVERYDAY. More Than 3 Times A Day. We Texted 24/7. Sent Pics Everyday[Not Naked]. Sent Videos And Other Cool Shit. Saw Eachother Everynight. Kissed All the Time. Then I Stopped Talking To Him For Like 5 Month Cuz I Just Woke Up One Day N Didn Like Him. Then Started Back Talking To Him After Those 5 Months. He Stil Liked Me N Stuff. Still Visited Eachother, Then When School Started Back Things Kinda Fell Apart. He Stopped Texting Me N Calling As Much. N Now We Barely Talk, He Hardly Replies To My Mssgs, N When I Confront Him he Says He Didn Get Them, But Then Sometimes He Acts Like He Really Likes Me…. WHAT SHOULD I DO. PLEASE HELP ME NOW]

Tell Me In My Ask Box, I Really Need Help Omg.

The Reason Why..

The Reason Why I Kept U Around For A Year Is Cuz I Really Like U. I Like The Things U Do N Say, The Reason Why I Haven’t Let U Go Is Because I Respect The Fact That U Never Asked Me For Sex Or Nothing. The Reason Why I Wanna Let U Go Now Is Because Sometime U Act Different In Front Of Ppl N That Gets On My Nerves. I Mean U Still Show Me Attention But Not As Much As I Would Like. Babe Thats The Reason Why!

Babe I Just Spent Time With U Last Night. But I Want U NOWW!

I WANT U To Be Beside Me When I Wake Up And When I Fall Asleep. I Dont Think I LOVE Him. But My Feelings For Him Has GREW MAJORLY. I Want U Around Me 24/7 Because When We Are Together Its AWESOME. U Make Me Laugh Smile Mad Sad. But Thats Ok Just Hurry And Officially Make Me Your GF!

Because My Boyfriends Has To Love Me For Who I Am.


I Dont Want To Have To Put On My Best Clothes To Be Around Him. I Want To Just Wear Sweats. I Dont Want To Have To Comb My Hair Down. I Just Want To Wear My Wrap Cap. I Dont Want TO Have To Keep Appling Lip Gloss. I Can Just Put On A Little CarMax. I Just Wanna Be Confortable N Not Keeping Thinking Do I Look Good Enough For U ;) <333