Dear God,

I thank you and I love you. I appreciate everything you have and will do for me.. I know that you take me through these struggles for a reason. And I shall never question what you do… You gave me to my mother and father for a reason.. You took them through these hard times for a reason. My mom lost everyone she loved in ONE year for a reason. And though she might not ever fully understand this reason, it has made her stronger… I am very grateful for the parents I’ve been given.. Even though we are not the richest, we make it work. I feel I was put here to make my parents life better… To finally give them financial stability. To give them a comfortable life so they have to stress nor work no more.. You gave me this body and this face so I can model. So I can make it. So I can pursue my dreams. But also to make others dreams come true as well.. God I truly feel that you will allow me to make it on ANTM Cycle 21 as a finalist n maybe even the winner! And once I get that phone call I will thank you like no other… I can envision that day already. God please be with me. God please guide me. God please open my eyes, open my mind, open my heart to allow you to just come in and take over… I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I DO.. I DO!!!!!!
Thank you!
(I’m writing to you from a distance, like a pen pal but we been down🙏🙌)

-Qundesha Ward