octobersking said:

Lol i do ! ( off anon )

Well I Use To Smoke EVERYDAY. I Loved The Feeling. Then One Day 12/13/11 My “Friends” [They In College} They Told Me To Bring Ah Blunt N Come Smoke. Im Like Cool Cuz I Done Smoked With Them Soo Many Times Before. So They Roll Up We Smoke But I Didnt Know It Was SYNTHETIC WEED. So I Start Walking Back To They House N U Stat TRIPPING. Like If Felt Like I Was Dreamin. Felt Like I Was In A Video Game. Felt Like I Was DEAD. FELT LIKE I Was DYING. So I Start Running N It Seems Like A Video Game. Then I Look At My Hand And Rub It Accross My Face [U Know Like In The Movies When Stuff In Slow Motion N U See The Shadow After Stuff Moves Past} Well Yes That How I Was. So I Go In His Room [They Downstairs} I Didnt Tell Them How I Was FEELING. And They WASNT Feeling Like This. So I Go In His Room And Try To Go To Sleep But I Could. My Heart Was Racing. I Think I Was Having A Heart ATTACK. So I Cal My Sis Gf N Tell Her Come Save Me. She Wasnt There Fast Enough, So I Called My Mommy. She Rushes Over. I Was Like Mom They Didnt Force Me To Do Anything Blah Blah. I Ain Want Them To Be In Trouble. So My Ma Goes N Knocks On They Door N Asks For They Mom So On So On. They Come Out N Eventually Tell Us Its Sythetic Weed… I Go Home Still Feeling Like Im Dead. I Felt Like That For Like 3 WHOLE DAYS. I Stopped Smoking For A Few Weeks Then Started Back (Smoking real weed not fake weed). I Had Almost Felt Like That Synthetic Feeling Again. So I Stopped Cuz I Ain NEVER Wanna Feel That Way Again.. Then Like A Month Ago I Started Back. N One Day I Smoked Grandaddy Perp With My Sis N I Was Sooo High I Started Feeling Like That Synthetic Shit {Only Cuz I Was Thinking ABout It When I Was Smoking} So I Will NEVER Smoke Again Because I Promised Myself, My Ex Boyfriend And GOD That I Would. That Shit Is SCARY FEELING LIKE THAT. I Wouldnt Wish That On My Worse ENEMY! 


So My “Boyfriend” Just Came To My House. My Bestfriend Is His Bestfriend Too. So He Was Coming To See Us. But I DONT Fuck With Him Sooo He Was Outside With Her. My Bestfriend Kept Telling Me To Come Out There, So I Came Out Like 2 Or 3 Times. He’d Say Some To Me, And I Was Extra Stiff On His Ass. Like I Dont Give A Fuck About Him. For The Simple Fact That Today Is His First Day Coming To See Me Since Summer Started. Bitch Ass Nigga Been Going To See ALL These Other People, And Tweeting All This Other Slick Shit About These Hoes. Bitch U Got Me Fucked Up. Then He Had The Nerve To Ask “Are We Still Together Baby”„ U Shoulda Saw My Face When He Asked That. He Didnt Text Me Back This Morning When I Texted Him, Or He Aint Text Me Back YESTERDAY Or Aint Text Me At All. And U Expect Me To Talk o U When YOU Wanna Talk!? Fuck No. It Dont Work Like That. I Dont Work Like That. I Dont NEED Him In My Life. I Wanted Him In My Life. But I Dont No More. He’s A Dog. He’s A Bitch. He’s A Cheating Ass Hoe And Ion Surround Myself With Ppl Like That. So While He Was Out Doing His Own Thing, Psssh I Was Too..

S I N G L E [[[[[;


I Think He Cheating On Me. But Honestly Fuck It. Im Tired Of Trying. He Swear Up And Down He Love Me. But Whats Love Got To Do With It. Im Not Finna Be Sitting Around Worring About What He Doing. Aint Talked To This Bitch Since 11AM. Tf I Look Like. Just Because U Graduated The Other Day DONT Mean U Can Do What U Wanna Do. If U Think That, Then We DONT Need To Be Together. U Wanna Play Game, Ok Well TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME. Ima Player. And U Knew That. But I Tried To “Change” For U.. NEVER Again. Im Finna Do Me, Just Like U Doing U *Shrugs*


This Relationship. Swear It Aint Working Out. But I Want It Too. Shit Ain Been The Same Since He Disrespected Me. Not My Fault. He Said He Feels Like He Putting In All The Work. Blah Blah. I Told Him Cuz Im Not Clingy And I Need Time To Miss Him. Soo I Guess He Was Thinking Like Damn Ok Ima Stop Putting ALLLL My Work In And Give Her A Lil Space. But Now It Seems Like TOOOO Much Space. We Used To Text Like More That 100 Text A Day. Now Im Only Lucky If Its 5. Seems Like He Only Calls At Night, When Im About To Go To Sleep And We Sleep On The Phone Together. But Thats Not Good Enough For Me. Swear I Love That Stupid Ass Man. And He Love Me To But Its Like -______-.. Seems Like Shit AINT THE SAME NO MORE. I Dont Wanna Fall For Someone Who Is Falling Out For Me. I Know I Was A Player But  Tried To Change For This Relationship. I NEVER Cheated Or Nothing. I Just Dont Understand. Damn I Never Knew 2 Months Could Feel Like 2 Fucking Years. Omfg.. Only If I Could Express This To Him! <33333

Im Confident As Hell. No Im Not Gone Fail. You Bitches Is Mad, So I Have To Give U Hell! [[[[; -Deedee

I Be That Pretty Mother Fucker. Hell Yeah Ima Hustla…. Bitches Up My Sleeve, YEAH They Call Me Playa Busta.. [[[; -Deedee

Your Opinions Dont Wow Me. No Im Not From Cali. U Stupid Ass Bitches On My Dick, Got Me Smiling [[[; -Deedee


This Man Is Pissing Me Off At The Moment. He Was Acting Fake Alllllllllllllllllllll Today At School. No Fucking Kiss Today And Shit. Then My Phone Off, But Im Still Making Hella Effort To Text U From My Sister Phone. But Yo Stupid Ass Dont Text Back. Okay, Yeah U Blew Up My Phone Yesterday With Like 10 Text Messages, But I Didnt Get The Fucking Messages. Wtf U Want Me To Do. U Pissing Me Off, And Annoying TF Outta Me. I Thought Our Relationship Was Pose To Get Better, Not Worse Stupid. Ughhh Im Soo Fucking Annoyed ATM.